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Our mesmerizing necklace collection, a symphony of elegance and allure. From delicate pendants to bold chokers, embrace the artistry and versatility of our handpicked pieces, perfect for enhancing your individual beauty and style.

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184 products

Stars NecklaceStars Necklace
Stars Necklace Sale price$26.50
Save 36%Gold NecklaceGold Necklace
Gold Necklace Sale price$18.00 Regular price$28.00
Hearts Nacre NecklaceHearts Nacre Necklace
Hearts Nacre Necklace Sale price$28.00
Heart Pearls Style Layering (Set 4)Heart Pearls Style Layering (Set 4)
Flowers Style Layering (Set 3)Flowers Style Layering (Set 3)
Stars Layering (Set 3)Stars Layering (Set 3)
Stars Layering (Set 3) Sale price$72.00
Cross Layering (Set of 2)Cross Layering (Set of 2)
Cross Layering (Set of 2) Sale price$49.00
Puka's Style NecklacePuka's Style Necklace
Puka's Style Necklace Sale price$35.00
Flower Nacre Bead NecklaceFlower Nacre Bead Necklace
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace
Crystal Necklace Sale price$28.00
Summer Initial NecklaceSummer Initial Necklace
Summer Initial Necklace Sale price$30.00
Initial Pearls NecklaceInitial Pearls Necklace
Initial Pearls Necklace Sale price$24.00
Pearls Heart NecklacePearls Heart Necklace
Pearls Heart Necklace Sale price$35.00
Bear NecklaceBear Necklace
Bear Necklace Sale price$25.00
Save 21%Bear Bright NecklaceBear Bright Necklace
Bear Bright Necklace Sale priceFrom $22.00 Regular price$28.00
Virgin Colors NecklaceVirgin Colors Necklace
Virgin Colors Necklace Sale price$34.00
Heart Nacre NecklaceHeart Nacre Necklace
Heart Nacre Necklace Sale price$26.50
Save 32%Mama NecklaceMama Necklace
Mama Necklace Sale price$18.00 Regular price$26.50
Mini Ball Color NecklaceMini Ball Color Necklace
Mini Ball Color Necklace Sale price$22.00
Save 42%Escapulario NecklaceEscapulario Necklace
Escapulario Necklace Sale price$14.00 Regular price$24.00
Gold Bead NecklaceGold Bead Necklace
Gold Bead Necklace Sale price$28.00
Flower Pearls NecklaceFlower Pearls Necklace
Flower Pearls Necklace Sale price$30.00
Baguette Style NecklaceBaguette Style Necklace
Baguette Style Necklace Sale price$32.00
Hearts Pearls NecklaceHearts Pearls Necklace
Hearts Pearls Necklace Sale priceFrom $26.00
Save 33%Pave Zirconia Heart NecklacePave Zirconia Heart Necklace
Pave Zirconia Heart Necklace Sale price$20.00 Regular price$30.00
Gold Heart NecklaceGold Heart Necklace
Gold Heart Necklace Sale price$25.00
San Benito NecklaceSan Benito Necklace
San Benito Necklace Sale price$24.00
Evil Eye and Hearts NecklaceEvil Eye and Hearts Necklace
Lighting NecklaceLighting Necklace
Lighting Necklace Sale price$28.00
Gold Heart NecklaceGold Heart Necklace
Gold Heart Necklace Sale price$26.50
Charm Gold NecklaceCharm Gold Necklace
Charm Gold Necklace Sale price$26.50
Crystal NecklaceCrystal Necklace
Crystal Necklace Sale price$28.50
Enamel Heart NecklaceEnamel Heart Necklace
Enamel Heart Necklace Sale price$24.00
Pearls NecklacePearls Necklace
Pearls Necklace Sale price$26.50
Pearl and Gold Heart NecklacePearl and Gold Heart Necklace
Del Valle Virgin NecklaceDel Valle Virgin Necklace
Del Valle Virgin Necklace Sale price$25.00
Heart Nacre NecklaceHeart Nacre Necklace
Heart Nacre Necklace Sale price$25.00
Hearts NecklaceHearts Necklace
Hearts Necklace Sale price$22.00
Escapulario NecklaceEscapulario Necklace
Escapulario Necklace Sale price$24.90
Tennis ChokerTennis Choker
Tennis Choker Sale price$24.90
Triple Hearts Bead Necklace - LimaLimón StoreTriple Hearts Bead Necklace - LimaLimón Store
Miracle Virgin Pearl Necklace - LimaLimón StoreMiracle Virgin Pearl Necklace - LimaLimón Store
Boys Paper Clip Necklace - LimaLimón StoreBoys Paper Clip Necklace - LimaLimón Store
Boys Paper Clip Necklace Sale price$24.00
Triple Hearts Necklace - LimaLimón StoreTriple Hearts Necklace
Triple Hearts Necklace Sale price$30.00
Long Rosary - LimaLimón StoreLong Rosary - LimaLimón Store
Long Rosary Sale price$18.00
Summer Neckalce - LimaLimón StoreSummer Neckalce - LimaLimón Store
Summer Neckalce Sale price$34.00
Black Heart Necklace - LimaLimón StoreBlack Heart Necklace - LimaLimón Store
Black Heart Necklace Sale price$22.00
Gold Charm Necklace - LimaLimón StoreGold Charm Necklace - LimaLimón Store
Gold Charm Necklace Sale price$26.50